Kaleigh Hamilton-Bishop is a dreamer, designer and bibliophile living in the heart of Oklahoma. Her interests include creative development, servant leadership, and event planning. Kaleigh is passionate about creating opportunities for women to raise their voices and share their story . She seeks to inspire others to step out of their comfort zones and find their own creativity.

For training events, speaking engagements, or partnership opportunities, contact Kaleigh at Kaleighmichellebishop@gmail.com



SKYE HAKES LILES // Content Manager


Skye is a Ravenclaw living in the City of Oaks (I see you, Raleigh!). She is a self-proclaimed Anglophile, lover of fandoms, reading, and travel. Skye is fluent in wit and movie quotes, and is most likely to be found with her nose in a book or binging shows and YouTube videos.

Her passion for reading led to her love of words and writing. She strives to use creativity to spark conversations that equip and empower people to challenge their ways of thinking! 

Skye is a firm believer in the Oxford Comma, and nothing you say will change her mind.






Erica graduated from Emmanuel College with a Bachelor of Science in the School of Christian Ministries.  She and her husband Jon have been married three years. 

Erica has a heart to reach young girls and women for Christ showing them God’s redeeming love, teaching them his word, and encouraging them to find their satisfaction only in Him. Erica’s passion is to inspire women of all ages to reflect the heart of Christ, to embrace her world by serving the Kingdom of God in every season and in any capacity, and to constantly be in pursuit of knowing Jesus Christ–the true purpose of every disciple.