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Why Did God Make Me?

Why Did God Make Me?

A Guest Story by Simi John

Have you ever asked yourself the question: What is my purpose?   When faced with the questions: Why did God make me or Why am I here on earth? What is the answer that comes to your mind? 

  •  being a mom

  •  being a wife

  •  being a healthcare professional

  •  being an athlete

But if you pause and think about it, each of these could be considered passions or callings, but not your purpose. Because all of these change and evolve as seasons of life come and go. 

Callings change; purpose remains.

So what is purpose? Purpose is the reason for which you were made. Everything that exists has a purpose. Everything was created to meet a purpose, from a house to a car, to a knife to toilet paper. Well if those replaceable things have meaning to their existence, so do you, friend.  Knowing your purpose is the secret to walking in confidence and living with peace and hope. When you don’t know your purpose you strive and achieve but continue to live with this nagging emptiness or need for more. You will find yourself scrolling through social media wishing and comparing, because  even though life is great,  because you are lacking purpose. You may even be living out your calling, but if you don’t know your ultimate purpose, you will run out of joy doing it and be burnt out.

We all have individual callings and that can vary in different seasons of life, but we all were made on purpose and for a purpose. No matter what you are doing, what season of life, there are ultimately 3 purposes for which we were all created. When we go to the very beginning of the Bible and study the creation story, we see that God made mankind for 3 purposes. 


    After God made Adam and Eve, the first thing he does is bless them and gives him power and authority over all of creation. God commands them to rule over everything. Have influence! Now you might be saying, “ I am not a leader,” but you still have influence. You are influencing someone, because someone is watching you, your choices are impacting those around you daily whether at home or work. Influence is not in the number of followers on social media or the having a microphone in your hand. Regardless of personality type, we each have a platform of influence that we are responsible for everyday! 


    The word worship means to marvel at, be in awe of, to stop and tune in, meditate on one thing with your full attention. So we all worship, everyday. The object of our worship is all different. Some of us worship our bodies, others their careers, cars or home. It is an innate part of us. We are all worshippers. We stand and cheer and get excited and praise athletes. We  stop and watch the butterfly in awe. That is all worship. It is a natural part of us. Bc God made us to worship. We were made to worship God.  God lives in worship. In the Bible we read that He is surrounded by angels, these perfect heavenly being that sing “Holy, Holy, Holy” all day and all night. We all also read that creation worships and looks to God, awaiting His return. In the Psalms we read that God lives on the praises of His people, so God created us to worship Him to be drawn in awe and wonder of Him. 

    After God creates the entire universe and mankind, it says God saw everything He made was good. Then in Genesis 2:18, we see the first thing God says is not good, “it is not good for man to be alone.” God is all about relationships.  God made  man  to have relationship with Him and with each other. God didn’t need companionship, He wasn’t sitting in Heaven lonely, Adam doesn’t ask God for a friend, but God’s heart is relational and God designed us to be relational. We all want to be belong, be accepted, be known and loved. That is a deep inner need all of us have because he wired us to be like Him. When God made Adam and Eve, He walked with them everyday in the cool of the day.  Also remember God made Eve for Adam to have a relationship with, a suitable mate. God is all about relationships.  The greatest commandment simply put is this “Love God and love others!” Relationships are complicated, because people are complicated. It takes work, commitment, and consistency. Sometimes we have to take the first step, which is risky. We have to be willing to accept their baggage and possibly pain, betrayal and heartache. Jesus sets the ultimate example of this for us. 

So friend, wherever you are today I want you to know if you have a pulse, you have purpose. You haven’t messed up enough that you don’t have purpose.  You are not powerful enough to ruin God’s purpose. That is what I love about Jesus, His genealogy or family line is made of people who were misfits that messed up over and over. But God! His amazing grace and love is powerful enough to place you in His purpose even through the failures and mishaps.  Regardless of what others said, or how you feel, know this truth: you were made on purpose and have purpose. So live this live on purpose! Ready, set, go!

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