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Small Beginnings

Small Beginnings

A guest story by Taylor Phillips

I was venting frustrations to my husband late one night. I was frustrated because I know what God had called me to do, but the process of getting to that point has been less than thrilling. It’s not that I don’t want to go through the process, I’d just like to know that what I’m doing is making a difference. 

As I’ve thought about that conversation, and even one before with a friend, I thought about destiny. And I think that destiny is something that we chase with trepidation. I think that sometimes destiny has a higher place in our hearts and minds than the right now.

Don’t get me wrong, I believe we’ve all been created for a purpose, or destiny, if you will. But the end result is more of our focus than the right now, or finding out our end result is greater. We all want to do something meaningful, be someone important, and leave a legacy for the next generation to carry forward. 

Part of my frustration was watching others around me make leaps and bounds toward their destiny, while I sat back and collected rejection letters from magazines and experienced low traffic on my blog. It’s not that I wasn’t happy for them, I just didn’t understand. What was I doing wrong? 

I was convicted because I had realized that I was too focused on what I would do next season that I was not adequately ministering in this season. I continually asked the question “what can I do to become something that people won’t forget?” Instead of asking “what can I do to meet people where they’re at?” 

I despised the day of small beginnings because they were too small in my mind. My husband encouraged me by saying “you are addressing a big thing (identity) in the world and it will take preparation time not only for you but for those you are impacting. God is setting it up to break chains, you just have to be patient while they’re tempered for your message.”

There are days where I find myself tired. Not a sleepy tired, but an emotionally drained tired. A tired that you feel after working for hours on end on a taxing project without a break. The kind of tired that, if not careful, causes sadness and emptiness. It’s caused when I’ve lost focus on the present. It’s caused when I look at things from a large perspective and begin to lose heart, instead of focusing on where God has me right now. 

I’m not saying “don’t have a vision for the future,” because Proverbs 29:18 says “where there is no vision, people perish.” Have a vision, have a goal, and pursue the completion of those goals, but don’t be so focused on the future that you forget you’re in season that’s preparing you for that future. 

Too many times we’re too willing to move on to the next season in pursuit of the big picture, that we forget the original word from God we received. We hit confusion and doubt when we don’t revisit the last thing He told us to do. The word we receive from God is what we use when the enemy tries to discourage us. It’s our staff that we place before the battlefield. We war with the prophecies, as 1 Timothy 1:18 says.

Where are you at? Are you in the midst of despising the day of small beginnings? Are you questioning why things seem to be moving slow? Wherever you are, let me encourage you that God wastes nothing. Every season you walk through is a season of tempering your testimony. It’s a tempering that will cause you to reach multitudes of people that you would have never imagined in your wildest dreams.

Keep dreaming, keep pursuing the Father. Don’t despise the day of small beginning, but rejoice in the season that He has you in right now. He is blessing you for your faithfulness. 

Community: what about when it’s just not there?

Community: what about when it’s just not there?

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