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Seasons of Change

Seasons of Change

A Kindred Story by Ashlee Hafner

Ladies, let’s face it: The Lord created us to change. Look at our biology. We are born into this world as babies. We grow into toddlers, into children and into… awkward adolescents. As women, our adolescent years probably bring the MOST change. As we mature, our bodies change, our hair may change, and our weight may change.

But the God of the universe designed the world, and everything in it, to change. Seasons change. Times change. Even fashion changes.  

During times of change (or it’s prettier counterpart: transition), it’s hard to appreciate what it can bring. We tend to focus on how hard changing is, how scary it is, or how much trust it’s going to take.

Trusting God in the moment of change was the biggest struggle in my most recent transition. When the Lord asked me to quit my well paying job, I laughed. Why would I quit something that was paying off student loans? Looking back, I should have realized that (DUH) God is trustworthy. Unfortunately, sometimes we appreciate transition more in retrospect.

If you’re currently in a season of transition, here are three keys to approaching it like a boss lady:

  1. Move when God says move.

    To say that stepping out in faith by quitting my job was scary, is an understatement. Honestly it was totally insane. But I realized, if I had moved the first time God told me to step out in faith, I would have avoided a whole lot of pain. When God says go, even with the uncertainty of not knowing what change it will bring...GO. It’ll be worth it, girl. Guaranteed.  

  2. It may not be comfortable now, but God’s not done.

    I’ve been running lately (God currently has me in multiple seasons of change), and the bridge of a song on my running playlist says, “If it’s not good, He’s not finished yet.” How reassuring! God isn’t done. Yes, change stretches and stretching is uncomfortable. But when He brings you to the reason for the change, you will be ready to take on the next challenge.

  3. Enjoy it now.

    I’ve realized that I don’t want to look back to be thankful for the change. I want to have so much trust in what the Lord is doing that I enjoy the ride now! Even if it hurts… even if it’s not what I want… even if it simply doesn’t make sense to me... I want to grow and take in every moment of the molding process.

Fast forward to now. God has provided a job where I can work from home. This has allowed me to be fully invested in the launch of a missions internship on the campus I live on (which has been a dream come true). And on top of that, my husband and I are debt free. God knew that I needed the change more than I thought. Trust God in your transition. It is absolutely worth it.

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