The Kindred is a place for community to be built. It’s a place to find inspiration, resources, and encouragement. It’s a place for us to be together, despite time or distance or circumstances. 
Kindred is a group of people who are united in Christ, who seek to love and live like Jesus



A Kindred Story by Kaleigh Hamilton-Bishop

There is a shift taking place. A subtle shaking in the ground, deep inside the Earth, that will ripple across for generations to come. 

It’s a pull, impossible to ignore, that was woven into our souls from the beginning of time when the Triune God, community in and of Himself, turned to one another and said, “Let us make man in our image”. So the One who is relationship created us, humanity, for that exact purpose: relationship. With God and with each other, we were created to be in relationship, 
constantly and forever in a never-ending perfect plan. 

But we know that sin entered into the scene and so that relationship was severed, but not completely, because God had a plan from the beginning. He created us in His image, for an exact purpose, and that purpose was never forgotten. God, in His perfect community, severed Himself on the cross, so that we could once again be in relationship with Him, never again separated by our own sin but forever living in grace and beauty. 

Yet we seem to have forgotten the other piece. Relationship with Him- and with each other. For whatever reason, as years have gone by, we have pulled away from relationship with each other. We’re too busy to spend any time together, and when we ask, “how are you?” we don’t really want to know. 

But we are feeling a resurgence in our spirits. A call to remember what we were created for, to step out of the darkness and into light. No longer will we allow time, distance, life to keep us from being together. No longer will we make excuses for never reaching out, never asking for help, never listening. Our hearts are crying out for community and our souls are leaning towards each other, as the Holy Spirit is guiding us to step up and speak out. 

We will not live in fear and loneliness, wondering if anyone else feels the way we do. We will not hesitate to reach towards a friendly face, even if that face is across the country. We will use the resources at hand, not to keep us distant, but to keep us connected. We will set aside our differences and build each other up because we choose to focus on the only similarity that truly matters: that the same that God who created me, who knew me before I was ever born, who died for me and loves me: that same God loves you, created you, knows you. 

Community is what we were born for. Let’s move forward in that purpose, as we seek to love and live like Jesus.

What about You?

What about You?